Not a Productive Summer

Know what I’ve done to the Mustang this summer? A whole lot of NOTHING; that’s what.

With temperatures in the 100s day-in and day-out, working on the Mustang just isn’t much fun — nor is driving it, given that the only A/C available is what you get when you roll down the windows. One thing is certain: You can’t really appreciate auto A/C until you go without it in the Oklahoma summertime.

Actually, I may be overstating, just a bit. With the Mustang, evening driving isn’t too bad. However, the Mustang’s dash lights and headlamps leave a LOT to be desired once the sun dips below the horizon. Neither is bright enough to make me a confident night driver.

However, in anticipation of cooler weather, I do have a few projects lined up. Parts for the following upgrades have been delivered, and are waiting in my garage:

  • New rear leaf springs and shackles
  • New LED bulbs and blue filters for the dash gauges (now done)
  • New wiring harness for the headlamps, to allow for modern, brighter bulbs (now done)
  • Pertronix electronic ignition
  • New steering wheel (now done)
  • New trunk weatherstrip

Before the summer heat really got rolling (not to mention the annual Oklahoma water-use restrictions), I did manage to give the engine compartment a good high-pressure hose-down. (Hey! The engine block’s still blue under all that dust and grime!) While I was at it, I repainted the air-filter housing, as it was looking more rusty than blue.

Per recommendations from a couple of auto techs I trust, I’ve been driving the Mustang at least once per week. A few miles on the highway, coupled with laps around various city blocks, ought to be far better for the car than just sitting in the garage 24/7.

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