Four New Tires

This past week saw us spend a few hundred bucks for a set of new Cooper Trendsetter SE whitewall tires for the Mustang.

Glancing through my folder of Mustang maintenance records last weekend, I was unable to figure out when (or if) we’d ever replaced the tires. Since my folder covers pretty much everything done to the car since the mid-1990s, and since my cursory examinations of the old (mismatched) tires gave me no DOT numbers or any means of dating them … well, better safe than sorry. New tires all around.

I feel better now, anyway.

One of my “dreams” for the Mustang would be to swap out all necessary components (front spindles, etc., and pretty much the entire rear end of the car would have to be replaced) so that I could go from a 4-lug to a 5-lug setup. Why? Options for nice-looking 4-lug wheels are pretty sparse. It’d also allow for disc brakes up front, if not all around.

With 5-lug mountings, we could get rid of the ugly wheel/wheel cover combo, and move to a true styled-steel wheel. But replacing the entire rear axle would be required. A large undertaking, to be sure.

Perhaps somewhere down the road . . ..

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