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Mustang No Start – Just Buzzes

It’s been over a month since I drove our Mustang. When I went to start the car this afternoon . . . well, no luck. Just a buzz from the engine compartment when I turned the ignition key. Turns out … Continue reading

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Checking Manual Transmission Fluid

Boy, what a beautiful day today was … the sort of day that’s just perfect for changing the oil on an old Mustang. And getting all dirty, of course. As I was about to undertake the oil change, it occurred … Continue reading

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Wimpiest Muscle Cars

And now for a little “Yeah, that was really bad!” reminiscing: Yahoo: 9 Wimpiest Muscle Cars The article’s title is “10 Wimpiest Muscle Cars,” which I suppose is a testament to the quality of today’s education system, as I counted … Continue reading

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Four New Tires

This past week saw us spend a few hundred bucks for a set of new Cooper Trendsetter SE whitewall tires for the Mustang. Glancing through my folder of Mustang maintenance records last weekend, I was unable to figure out when … Continue reading

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Steering Wheel Replaced

I’ve had a replacement steering wheel for our Mustang in my garage “To Do” stash for quite a while now — probably a year or more, judging by previous posts — but when it’s summertime and 100+ degrees outside, spending … Continue reading

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Shelby Retrospectives

A few retrospective articles regarding the recent passing of automotive innovator Carroll Shelby: USA Today: Auto Legend Carroll Shelby Dies USA Today: Shelby And Ford: A Timeline And a slideshow over at Yahoo: Yaho: Slideshow: Legacy of Carroll Shelby I’ve … Continue reading

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Spend $15k; Get a ’65 (Partially, Anyway)

Those of you with a cool fifteen grand burning a hole in your Dockers will probably be interested to hear about this: Detroit Bureau: Ford Launches ‘New’ 1965 Mustang That’s right: For a mere $15,000, you too can be the … Continue reading

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How To Test Wiring for Continuity

If you own a classic car and plan to join the “fix it yourself” club, at some point you’re going to have to track down wiring problems. And to do that, one of the things you’ll need to know how … Continue reading

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Upgrade to Brighter Headlights

Now that my dash lights are looking better, and (more importantly) the weather has cooled off considerably, I decided it was time to tackle the problem of piss-poor headlamps in our Mustang. Given how dim the old headlights (a pair … Continue reading

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Better Gauge Lighting

It’s a task that I’ve been working on sporadically for several weeks: The dash-gauge lighting in our Mustang has never been particularly useful, nor attractive. What, if anything, could be done to improve it? Well, with LED lighting technology now … Continue reading

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